The purpose of this website will be to encourage those who are a Disciple to move forward in their Faith in Jesus to Make Disciples! 

Life is about facing reality and truth.  Life has meaning and purpose in Jesus who is Lord.  A Disciple can experience and live life knowing heaven / eternal life begins the moment of birth. 

The Word of God, the Bible, tells us we have a physical Birth and can have a spiritual Birth.  Eternal Life begins the moment of our spiritual Birth!  We are adopted into God’s family.  Spiritual birth means I become a Disciple.  I am a Disciple of Jesus.  By spiritual Birth, I become a new creation or new person in Jesus. 

The Word of God, the Bible, tells us the Lord wants everyone to be a Disciple and part of God’s forever family!  What an amazing plan for mankind! 

The Lord desires all to grow in their Faith and realize their spiritual purpose:  to Make Disciples.  True Faith in Jesus results in Eternal Life.  The fruit and evidence of this spiritual birth will be Love. 

The Bible tells us Love is a choice!  We make a choice to love others.  Love is not a feeling.  Feelings will come and go and change based on life events.  Billy Graham observed in all his travels talking with people, they had confusion about their Faith and Love.  Billy Graham realized these three things must be understood and take place in this order:  Facts, Faith and then Feelings. 

Our identity begins with a choice, the Word of God, the Bible, calls a free will.  We live and walk in one of two ways in life:  1.  in the Flesh  2.  in the Spirit.  Romans 10:9 says God gave us this choice to confess Jesus as Lord and call upon his name for our lives!  This website will encourage those who made a choice for Jesus to become Lord of their lives:  to keep moving forward in their Faith to go and Make Disciples. 

The Bible is the Word of God.  The Bible is a testimony and a foundation for our Faith in Jesus.  The Holy Spirit teaches us all these truths. 

John 1:1 – 1:20 says it all.  And the Word became Flesh which means God came to be with us eternally.  The Kingdom of God begins in us!  The moment we believe God, the Holy Spirit comes into our spirit which becomes alive to God. The Bible says we are made a new creation in Jesus. 

The King’s Way in us.  The Kingdom of God happening in us:  Authentic Christianity.  The birth of a Holy Spirit driven Life and Church!

The King’s Way!

John 14:6 says … I am the Way, the Truth and the LIFE.  Jesus becomes our Life!